Local Move

Quest Moving Is Your Local Moving Company

Local Move

Quest Moving Is Your Local Moving Company Because Even a small move is a big deal!

Moving can be a hassle, whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or 9,000-square-foot mansion. But you don’t have to go it alone – Quest Moving is here to help. A local move, whether down the street or across town, requires many of the same tasks you’d undertake for a long-distance move.

As your local moving resource, it’s our job to move you as planned, on schedule, with no surprises or last-minute drama.

Don’t overpay and don’t stress out!

If you think it’s best to handle a local move yourself, think again. Moving is a highly stressful and complicated activity, where unforeseen events often unfold at the last minute. Our moving service has the experience to anticipate and handle just about every contingency that can come up during a move. That means less stress for you when you leave all the details to us. And we’ll do it at an unbeatable price.

We’ve seen it all – broken elevators, parking problems, even delays in a home closing. Why expose yourself to the unanticipated on your own, when you can have the professional service of Quest Moving for such a reasonable price? We handle all kinds of local moves, and if you want, we’ll pack up all your belongings for you. Many customers tell us that the packing is the most stressful component of moving, which is why so many customers take advantage of our packing service.

Quest Moving will tackle your local move with expert care, at an exceptional price and backed by our guarantee.

“It was my first time moving since I recently moved out of my friends place to my own apartment. I
was inexperienced in moving and needed an experienced moving company. Quest Moving was truly
everything I needed.”

Create A Calendar

There are so many tasks involved in moving, some are likely to fall through the cracks. Therefore, set up a calendar or timeline at least two months out that lists all the tasks you need to accomplish.

Scope Out the Move

You should be aware of any obstacles or challenges that will add cost to your move. For example, do you have to share an elevator at your current address or destination?

Pick A Good Mover

You might want to get bids from two or three movers, and you should definitely let Quest Moving be one of those bidders. We won’t be underbid and our service is first-rate.

Create Budget & Organize

You’ll know from your bids how much you’ll need to set aside. Decide on extras, and budget tip money. Start a file folder to hold all the relevant papers for your move, such as the bids, the contract, the packing lists, the insurance forms, the bill of lading, and so forth. Keep this file close as you will need it often.

Change Everything

Make arrangements for your new address. You’ll need to do things like enroll children in new schools, set up mail forwarding, get new homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, contact utilities and cable, and make other arrangements as necessary.

Let People Know

Don’t forget to share the joy of your new place. Send out emails, mail letters, make phone calls, and otherwise let everyone know your new address and your moving date. Also, let them know about any name change or new phone number.

Let's Start Your Move!