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Things to know before moving to Des Moines, IA

With a thriving downtown, a bike race to end all bike races, and a football rivalry that turns brother against brother, Des Moines is no ordinary Midwest city. Want to meet the next president? Every four years, the Iowa Caucuses held all around the state...

Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Chicago, IL

Looking to move the windy city? Quest is here to guide you and provide you with some basic knowledge so you don’t walk into Chicago completely unprepared. From it's towering skyscrapers, massive buildings and to the cultural landscape, it’s easy to fall in...

Things to Know When Moving to Charleston SC

Charleston is a city with a long, rich history and a fascinating lifestyle. If you are searching for the graciousness and charm of the Old South, look no further than Charleston, where the weather is warm and the pace is leisurely. Here are some things to...

Moving Checklist

Your moving checklist will depend on your particular circumstances, but here is a good template:   1-2 MONTHS BEFORE YOUR MOVE Reserve your moving company and set date Purchase boxes and packing material Give away or sell unwanted belongings Transfer...

Packing Tips

People usually hate to pack, but you should look upon it as an opportunity to rid yourself of unwanted or unnecessary belongings, especially if your destination has less space than your current home.   Here are some tips to make packing easier:   Take...

Moving Tips

Moving is always an exciting experience, but without a little planning, it can also be chaotic. Here are some moving tips to smooth out the process.   BEFORE YOU MOVE   CREATE A CALENDAR: There are so many tasks involved in moving, some are likely to fall...

Moving Services

Moving can be a hassle, but you don’t have to go it alone – Quest Moving is here to help. Any move local, long-distance, or corporate move we make it our job to move you as planned, on schedule, with no surprises or last-minute drama..

Storage Services

We will inventory, label, transport and store your possessions in crates at our staffed storage facility. Only our employees can access the storage crates. Our facility is climate-controlled and secure, so you don’t have to worry about theft, fire or water damage.

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